High Frequency Cavitation Ultrasound

Cavitation Ultrasound · Weight Management

High Frequency Cavitation Ultrasound is a painless alternative to Liposuction but without down time, pain and recovery, it has been used by tens of thousands of people from around the world for several years and has a long proven track record of success and safety.

The science behind High Frequency Cavitation Ultrasound is simple, the high frequency ultrasound wave stimulates and vibrates the fat cell at such a high rate causing tiny air molecules to form that are negative in pressure. These tiny air “bubbles” want to force their way out of the cell, and by doing so burst the fat cell destroying them forever. That same ultrasound wave passing through the surface skin is like someone slapping your skin 25,000 times per second this causes a firming and tightening of the skin.

The entire High Frequency Cavitation Ultrasound system does remarkable things from destroying fat cells and cellulite to skin tightening and the improvement of lymphatic drainage. All this with the end result of improving the bodies overall look and appearance and it’s ability to process waste and toxins allowing for easier weight loss and the ability to maintain a healthier lifestyle.

Weight Management

Introducing a unique NewYou weight management program is specifically designed for people who have been struggling for years trying to lose weight and keep it off, because the only way to obtain lasting results is to develop a healthy lifestyle.

Most diets fail because they are associated with restrictions and deprivation, often leading to people feeling hungry and frustrated.

What makes this 6-week (7 sessions, once a week) weight loss program different?

NewYou is much more than a successful diet. It’s The New Beginning, changing existing perception about eating and dieting, helping people understand that we are what we eat. However, what and how we eat depends on our relationship with food. The real problem is not food – it’s your mentality! Therefore, we took a psychological approach. We don’t just recommend what to eat. We also help you to build confidence and motivation, which allows people to sustain a healthy lifestyle forever. And the most wonderful part is – You don’t need to starve yourself!

NewYou is based on rules of nutrition, physiology and psychology, teaching people how to:

  • Understanding the REAL cause of weight gain
  • Deal with emotional dissatisfaction and hunger
  • Overcome psychological and physiological food dependency
  • Take control of their eating habits, rather than eating habits controlling them
  • Eat your favorite food and still lose weight (correct food combinations)
  • Start enjoying healthy food
  • Cleanse your body of toxins

NewYou program is especially recommended for people undergoing Cavitation Ultrasound Fat Reduction treatments.

Diet is a Lifestyle!

We are here to help you change it and achieve the New You!

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