Should I do Lip Augmentation?

It seems like plumping lips is very much in style right now. More and more people come in with a request to plump their lips, young girls want Kaylie Jenner lips: the juicier – the better, 

although “duck lips” or “fish lips” becoming less and less popular. Women (and some man) want NATURAL looking lips or just slight augmentation. A number one request I hear: “I want to plump my lips just please, don’t make them too big.”

It is true that we lose the volume of our lips as we age, so plumping the lips gives us youthful appearance.

Not overdoing it, keeping the right proportion of upper and lower lip and to other features of the face is key.

We got different tools to work with and different techniques.

The variety of fillers – Juvederm (Ultra, Ultra Plus, Volbella), Restylane (Silk, Refine) each material has its own qualities, which provides a unique advantage in lip augmentation. PDO threads (twist, smooth) can elevate the border of the lip. It is quite common to have lip asymmetry, which needs to be corrected.  

Dr. Olga’s recent patient,  before & after pictures

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