Why PDO Thread Lift?

Non-surgical facelifts became much more advanced with the introduction of the PDO Thread lift.

The descent of the facial tissues due to gravity causes the main visual signs of the aging face. Threads vertically lift facial tissue, which naturally droops with age. Although Thread Lift is not a new concept, (its been around for almost 15 years), PDO threads are a much safer and affordable option.

PDO stands for Polydodioxanone, a synthetic absorbable surgical suture which has been used in cardiac surgery for the last 20 years. It is one of the safest materials in practice and is completely absorbable within 4-6 months. PDO Threads have barbs, which provide instant skin lifting due to a grip right underneath the skin. Over time, your skin naturally builds new collagen around the sutures, which secures the lift. This way we can see the immediate results of lifting, and we can expect more lift within a few months.

A combination approach to the aging face using Thread Lift, Fillers, Toxinum Botulinum produces the best, the most natural result in Non-surgical facial rejuvenation.